Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Life, My Story..

ME, age 9 - year 1974

- alwiz somewhere
Anywhere I go. Anyone I meet. I'm just ME.
Pretty much an open book to anyone that wants to know.

The blog that let's you know where they are..

I write. I record. I photograph. I basically live trying to capture the very essence of my life. I want to share myself and my journey with the rest. At times i'm silly and other times i'm too serious for most to handle, but at ALL times i am myself. I believe in myself and my ability to impact the lives of others... but for now, just watch me impact my own.

This blog contains personal experiences, essays, short stories, photos, diary, and anything that comes in my mind.

I guess you would call me a solitary soul. I seem to enjoy the things I can do alone. I get some of my best thoughts when I'm alone or with human. Though I wouldn't consider myself a "loner". I enjoy being around other people and having a good laugh or conversation. I love my family and frens, helping out when and wherever I can, and it makes me a better person.

A mother of two beautiful 'grown' sons (still in the process in life) and a wife to a beloved husband. Filial daughter to my parents. Family is important to me and I put them above everything else. Nothing pleases me when I know I have made someone happy because of my actions. I also love to interact with the young...and at last count, I have 18 grandchildren (from my nephew and niece, both side family - mine n husband. Trust me, i still look young). I currently have a big number of adopted daughters and sons... sisters and brothers.

I like silly comedy, horror movie, almost anything chocolate, perfume, shopping, reading and sleeping in. I love my family and my life.

Trying to be a good wife, mother and human. May Allah swt accept me and forgive my sins, insyaAllah. Amin

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......Thank You for visiting my blog. I'm glad you dropped by. I hope this will touch your heart through something I've written. And hope you'll come back often and sign up for updates.